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    Default Diesel pre heater help

    Hello everyone i have a Perkins 6354 six cylinder in my brother fishing boat and is a pig to start from cold. We noticed that the pre heater is not connected to the engine at all but is wired in and a switch in the cab. It has the heater plug itself and 2 other wires with a big o end and small.

    Where do the 3 parts connect to ? any help will be great i took pictures as best i can.

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    The pre-heater goes in the air intake, somewhere close to the intake valve. Usually one pre-heater per cylinder. There should be a pipe plug in the intake manifold. If pre-heaters are left on too long they will burn out. Most engines have them controlled by a timer that limits the on time to about 10-15 seconds.
    Diesels start by compressing the air, causing the temperature to rise above the ignition point of diesel. As the engine ages, the rings and valves can allow enough air to escape to prevent starting in cold weather. Your pre-heater heats the incoming air. In really cold weather you may need the cycle them on 2-3 times before trying to start. A block heater works best.
    The big O terminal is probably a ground. It would go on 1st when installing the pre-heater. Usually the block is the ground. The terminal near the top is power. If you don't have a manual, get one. Check the wiring diagram.
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    Phayer, as lepke said the large wire terminal goes on first--the glow plug holds it in place. These old engines in some cases were insulated ground so each electrical sender etc. Required a ground connection. The other small terminal is for something else. Suggest following it back to see were it goes. There was only one glow plug mounted in the intake manifold. The small threads on the glow plug connected to the secondary fuel filter with a steel fuel line. As lepke says ,make sure the glow plug works first!
    Charlie w.

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