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Thread: Tohatsu M5A

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    Default Tohatsu M5A

    Hey Guys,I am new here,please correct me if I am wrong.

    The Pic is the coil assembly from a Tohatsu M5A that was last used by Noah on the ark I think.

    I assume that A is the primary coil and that B is the secondary coil.
    I t also looks like coil B is shot but I have been wrong before.
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    Default Re: Tohatsu M5A

    Forget it. Points style ignition parts have been unavailable for decades, You might get lucky at an olde tyme NAPA.
    Buffalo NY USA

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    Default Re: Tohatsu M5A

    What is the issue here ?------No spark at all ?

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    Default Re: Tohatsu M5A

    Yes racerone,not even a tingle

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    I seem to recall someone here or on another forum stating that coils from eary OMC engines would fit and worked well.
    Anybody know about this?

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    ji its millsy. Do you have a manual for the m5a2

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    Default Re: Tohatsu M5A

    Sorry new to this i am looking for information about mine also

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    I have just gound some yamaha 5hp air cooled 661 parts on ebay they have coil points and condenser on the mounting bracket
    Oh US Ebay
    Might be interchangeable

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    i have a tohatsu 9b9. i also thought my coil was bad but after cleaning the points the spark came back.Try this first it could save you lots of time.

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    Oh by the way judging by the photo you have a primary and secondary winding all in one, this is B in the photo. I dont think A is a coil and the gap on the points seems too wide. So clean the points close that gap and without tightening the flywheel down you should be able to spin the flywheel enough to see a spark.

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    If your motor is the same as a tohatsu 9b9 5hp air cooled then i maybe able to help you out.I am in the process of trying to rebuild one.I love this outboard they made them to last.

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    Hi if you come across a prop i would be interested

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