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    Exclamation Universal 25 Sailboat Engine Issues

    I just took over a 34ft sailboat from a friend who had to move. It is kept at Cooper River Marina in North Charleston. I myself work as an engineer on the container ships. I'm just not as familiar with the smaller diesel engines. Anyways, when we were backing out the slip, I noticed we weren't moving very fast and increased RPM. Turns out we were on the bottom. At the higher RPM, I noticed dark oil coming out the exhasut/water outlet. It went away as soon as I dropped RPM from full. We ended up going out and having a good sail until on the way back the engine would not start. It would roll, has fuel pressure, ect. Ended up sailing it back into the marina. I went back the next day and found the engine oil empty and coolant water empty as well. I know it had pleanty of oil to begin with so I believe the oil out the exhaust/water outlet was from the sump. So I am not exactly sure what the most probably causes are on this engine. If you have some time to help troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    It is fresh water cooled, it May have a hole in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger may also house the oil cooler. Time to inspect.
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    Hopefully you did not burn the engine up running without oil and did not get salt water inside the engine. Hopefully the raw water oil cooler is in the suction line to the raw water pump. If so replace the cooler and add oil and see if the engine is still alive

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    Look for places that have oil and coolant in common. Like the heat exchangers, head gasket. Some have a heat exchanger that cools both the coolant and engine oil. Take a compression test. If it is the heat exchanger, there are many after market makers. Also ebay is a good place to look for used parts.
    To start the engine needs working injectors and enough compression to raise the air to above diesel's ignition point.

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