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    Default Prop "frozen" on shaft

    I have a 1976 Mercury 110 outboard. I picked it up at a garage sale..after giving it a good once over, it appears to be in excellent shape.
    The problem I have is trying to remove the "prop" from the shaft. It appears that it may have never been off. I have tried using some very good penetrating oil. Still stuck.
    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Prop "frozen" on shaft

    A 2x4 and a mallet, acetone and trans fluid mixture, using heat would probably destroy the hub inside of prop.

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    Default Re: Prop "frozen" on shaft

    Cut it off. Layer by layer.
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    Default Re: Prop "frozen" on shaft

    That is a tough one put the gearbox so the propshaft is pointing straight up remove the nut and drip some power steering fluid on the splines and wait for it to soak in then just keep doing that. Chemicals and time are the only things you can do or risk damaging the prop and gearcase. I found power steering fluid to be the best for dissolving corrosion between stainless and brass because it does not evaporate it will eventually break loose just be real patient. That part of the gearbox is real thin and will break real easy.
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