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    my name is Hussain Ahmed Saeed (Age 19) and have been working in this field for over an year. and currently i am working at MTCC (maldive transport and contracting company) at Maldives.
    i have been facing this issue for a period of time even on the newest engine (6lya-stp year 2015 according to my senior) of latest manufacture. there is this very foggy white smoke. and i am in need of you guys opinions. and its there in each engine that company have on that model. and i have mentioned a Vedio link to get a good idea. My Question is why dose it happens in all of the engine that is new and old at the same quantity and that too in same model?


    thank you

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    Can't quite see in that video but you can get condensation (steam) from the exhaust of an engine caused by the cooling water being injected into the hot exhaust gasses at the exhaust mixer/elbow. If the exhaust system is quite short it may be moire obvious than if the exhaust system is longer and goes through a water trap/muffler etc. Our 6LP's do it with quite a short exhaust as they are on V drives. Our CAT 3208's do it a little less but they have longer exhausts and probably more cooling water flow I think. My Iveco 5.9L electronic engines do it even less, but they have the longest exhaust setup of all the 3 boats with heaps of water flow and I am guessing that gives the steam more time to condense and flow out as more water and less steam. That's my theory at least.

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