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    Default Navy barge engines 8V-71TI engines 1994

    Hello , first post. I have 4 Detroit Diesel engines, 8V- 71TI . I have been reading up on them and have conflicting information. The specs from the manufacturer say the have 600 hp each. They each run a 360 degree jet propulsion system. They were built for Navy barges. I have always heard that the hp was closer to 325 - 425. Could these have 600hp each? Any info would be helpful. They were built in 1994. They have about 1400 hours each. Thanks

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    Default Re: Navy barge engines 8V-71TI engines 1994

    I believe the 8V71 with turbo is easily capable of producing 600hp. I have seen custom bus installations rated at 500hp. I have some old on highway manuals that I can look through to see which injectors would get you "up there" although 500hp is likely as close as those publications go.

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    Default Re: Navy barge engines 8V-71TI engines 1994

    450 is about right. At max hp about 3000 hours with good care and a good operator. Running below 80% of hp, as much as 7000 hours. I've seen 8v71s with twin turbos, don't know the hp, but could be 600. Used a lot of fuel. Short life at that hp. High exhaust gas temperatures is what limits life. If you really need 600 hp, you'd be better off with 12-71s running at 2/3 hp for long life.
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