I just bought a boat with a year old (still under warranty) bow mounted Riptide ST that operates intermittently. Batteries are fully charged with 4 very bright red battery test lights on when pushed. Sometimes the "System Ready" light comes on when the stow/deploy lever is pushed (and unit lowered into water), most times not. Then sometimes if the ready light comes on, the motor will run for a while (in water) before stopping, or the ready light will intermittently blink on and off, before going off totally (I then push the battery test lights and those all still glow red). I have Ipilot, and battery on that seems fine. Have reset the breaker several times (60 amp), no corrosion on brand new batteries-Optima . I have removed the 4 installation bolts to return to the dealer, but looks like the power cable is essentially hardwired to the mother board. Any ideas as to:
1. What the intermittent power issue might be?
2. Should I just cut the power cable at the mother board in order to fully disconnect? Doesn't seem to be any other way to do it.