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    Default Brand New 10hp outboard acting funny

    I am new to marineengine.com and pretty new to boating. I have recently moved to New Zealand from the USA and want to explore the water a bit. I just bought a 3 meter RIB inflatable. I also purchased a new (although 2015 model because on clearance) 9.9hp Aakron brand outboard for it (a Chinese motor that is supposedly a copy of a Yamaha). Took it home and it would die after running for 5 or so minutes. Took it back to the dealer and they gave me a new fuel tank and said the fuel filter was loose and they tightened it.

    Still has two issues unfortunately. The most distressing is that the tell tale doesn't always pee when the motor is started. The outboard flusher muffs they sold me don't sit super flush with the water intakes so I thought that was the problem, but even starting in a drum full of water the tell tale doesn't always pee. Today it didn't pee in the drum so I put the muffs on and still didn't pee till I held the muffs tight to create more water pressure. After that I took the muffs off and put it in the drum and started peeing right away. Has had this problem even before ever launching the boat so don't think it is debris. The dealer is very dismissive of this problem and claims its just something outboards do.

    The second thing that is concerning is when I accelerate from idle to about 1/4 throttle the engine seems to lug slightly for about 10 seconds, then does a kind of metallic cough and then finally accelerates. If I accelerate quickly to at lease half throttle it doesn't do this, only when set to about 1/4 throttle from idle. Also doesn't seem to have any problem going from a higher throttle down to 1/4 throttle, only when starting up from idle.

    Pretty new to boating so any advice appreciated!

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    Default Re: Brand New 10hp outboard acting funny

    check temperature of cylinder head with bare hand while she's running,should be able to hold it there for a 6 second count, Also when telltale is flowing place hand in stream,should be able to hold there indefinitely,without burning fingers. A digital infrared thermometer gun is another option. Your second issue sounds like a fuel delivery problem, Try pumping primer bulb while accelerating to see if problem goes away, If not your carburetor might need some attention,low speed circuit?

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