Recently I acquired a boat with a 1987 60 HP Evinrude outboard motor. I have gotten the motor running however it was hesitating when under load and I had to gently bump and wait with the throttle to get the boat up on a plane. Once on a plane the motor seemed to run well however several times when I made a turn the engine bogged down and cut off. I noticed the first time that it cut off that I did not have the fuel line plugged in tight at the motor entry port. That was corrected but the problem still occured. I was able to resume by pumping the primer bulb (brand new tank to motor fuel line) several times. I pulled the cover off and noticed that the fuel filter did not have a fuel filter clamp and that the filter was what I believed to be inverted. IE the screw off cap was below the reservoir and filter. It was sitting in this position due to the curves in the fuel lines that connect to the fuel motor and the fuel connector assembly. I purchased a service manual and the picture of the filter in the manual shows the filter to be "upright." However when looking at any of the parts diagrams the filter appears to be "inverted."

So my question is does anyone know how the fuel filter is supposed to be oriented?

Any help would be appreciated


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