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    How does everyone find Perkins marine engines? I'm looking at a few different brands and models here. Any feedback on their reliability would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have a 4108 that was built in 1972. Never overhauled before me. Mine runs a generator. I've worked on many others. They are as reliable as any when properly maintained. Diesels are a collection of many systems. Fuel pump and injector pump, 2 water pumps, heat exchangers, all that need routine inspection and care. Perkins is manufactured in countries world wide. Parts are plentiful. The basic engine is used in tractors, industrial engines and marine. Sometimes the best part prices are from tractor supplys. Also ebay.
    I consider them to be easy to overhaul. All models I've seen are sleeved meaning the cylinders have replaceable sleeves so overhaul doesn't require a machine shop although the pistons have to be fitted in some models.

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    That's some really good info, I appreciate your feedback! Always a blessing knowing parts are plentiful! Thanks again

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