This is my first post and likely not my last. We have been at this for a week. We have no water out of the exhaust. We started at the thru hull valve which was open, we've checked every hose, strainer is clear for that is all we did before this problem started. The impeller was good, still looked and felt brand new. We got into the heat exchanger which had small amounts of mud in it but clear enough for water to get through. We put a garden hose straight to the heat exchanger and started the engine and saw normal water flow, which gives us the impression the elbow is clear. We bought a new impeller two days ago and not even a half hour of non continuous running the impeller broke off three vanes. One was in the output of the pump, the other two were in the hose coming from the sea strainer. We are not mechanics by any means, this whole situation has been a huge learning experience but something tells us something is pushing against our pump. I have a video of us starting the motor and our pump pumping water. The hose coming from the pump to the heat exchanger pumped out a few spurts of water too. At first we over looked that but after finding those impeller pieces made their way through the intake of the pump, we are just even more confused and frustrated. We have tried everything we can think of. We tried to take the pump apart and I think we may have bent the slot in the shaft that the impeller goes into beyond repair so we're thinking a new pump. Could the pump itself pushed the impeller vanes into the hose going to the sea strainer? We are so lost and really can't afford a new pump. We've been walking the docks here in Charleston looking for extra work. We have also been on the hook this entire time. We took it over to the dock once to run the garden hose through it and it overheated, but we also had to use it a good bit to get the anchor up, but now we are back on the hook. Anything!? Please help!