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    Default Need instructions for removing/replacing governer on DD 671...

    On a Detroit Diesel In line 6-71 (natural) I need to replace the governor.
    The governor plate says SWVS (single weight variable speed).
    Assembly number: 5144138.
    Idle Range: 500-900
    Drive Ration: 2:1
    The engine numbers are 6A0334150 model 1063 7000.

    Does anyone have a set of instructions for removing/reinstalling this governor?

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    Default Re: Need instructions for removing/replacing governer on DD 671...

    I'm an old 71 mechanic but not so old as to have any real experience with in line engines. I only answer because no one else has yet. I remember doing oil changes and minor repair on the old in line 6-71's but that's about it.

    All of the V engines have the governor housing as part of the blower assembly and the governor is usually repaired or serviced with the blower bolted on the engine with the blower only needing to be removed to facilitate bearing replacement. If ever I removed a blower to repair a governor, I typically would also go through the blower to replace the rotor vane seals and bearings too. It takes some fairly specific methods and tools to do that and it is not easy to get it right the first time. At least I had trouble learning how to do it at first and relied heavily on the manual while learning.

    All I can recommend is that you get a proper shop manual to do this work and not rely completely on testimonials from strangers on the Internet. The operation of the governor is too critical to get it wrong and it only takes one overspeed incident to ruin the engine or hurt someone. Not to even mention the $$$ involved with making a fairly small mistake.

    I hope you find some help either here or someplace else and I wish you luck getting your engine repaired.

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