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    Default Prop pitch 150 hp Merc

    1995 Mako 205, 1996 150 hp [2 cycle] boat is listed as 2,000 lbs but feels more like 4,000 [heavy boat]. Boat is not quick, and carries 85 gallon of fuels, has clean hull and tops out at 30 mph [gps]. WOT is 5,000 rpm [range is listed 5,000 to 5,600 rpm. Prop is alum 14" dia with a 17" pitch. Looking for some of the 500-600 rpm that I'm short of now. On other boats that last 500 rpm usually carried a lot of power. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Default Re: Prop pitch 150 hp Merc

    Would a 4 blade 15" pitch offer any advantages?

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    Default Re: Prop pitch 150 hp Merc

    I would weigh the boat.-------------Perhaps it is water logged.

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    Default Re: Prop pitch 150 hp Merc

    I can check that ,but the boat has spent most of its life on a trailer. Fresh water.

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    Default Re: Prop pitch 150 hp Merc

    check your compression#s

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