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    Anyone have experience with the genesis motors. I purchased one cheap and am hoping to fix it for my boat. When I apply 24V to it I get nothing on the display. I have had the foot pedal apart and have verified that it is indeed getting the needed 24v.

    With that said anyone know what happens (If anything) with the genesis units if you apply power to the main unit with the foot pedal removed??? Based on my initial looks I think the pedal is bad but with so response from the main unit I cant be sure.

    Any thoughts ???


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    Okay had a chance to do a little troubleshooting. For starters the guy sold me a 55lb 12V unit not the 74 24V. I got curious if that was the case once I removed the covers to the main board and saw a relay that was 12V. I called Minn Kota and they verified what I suspected.

    Soooo anyways I was asking the tech some questions regarding troubleshooting. I mentioned I was trying to narrow down if it was the main board or the foot pedal and he said well if you apply power to the unit the LCD screen should show something regardless if you have a pedal plugged in or not. Mine does nothing no matter what.

    This doesnt make sense to me. From my experience you either hard wire a TM in or use a plug. Either way you dont usually remove the TM between uses. So that would mean no matter if you have a foot pedal plugged in or the main power switch "ON" "which is located on the pedal" the display / main board would be drawing current.

    I cant image its designed that way.

    From a troubleshooting perspective does that make sense ??? The techs response was immediately that I need to replace the main board. After thinking about it I think the first replacement should be the foot pedal.

    Anyone have a pedal laying around they want to sell. Anyone have any experience with this unit ?????


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    Default Re: Minn Kota Genesis

    Sooooo it appears no one has any experience with these units. Understandable since they are old and from what I have read "quirky". Can anyone suggest another site or resource ??


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