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    Default 1960 Tollycraft 215 HP ford interseptor engine cooling system

    I have a 1960 17' Tollycraft Sportabout with a Ford 215 HP interceptor inboard engine. I ran the engine with the boat out of the water supplying water to the water intake at boat bottom and did not get any water being exhausted while engine running. I turned off the engine to prevent overheating shortly. I am not that knowledgeable on the water cooling system. Does the inlet water circulate through the engine after engine warms up or should it be immediate and water exit through the exhaust ports? How can I troubleshoot further? What would be a source for parts if any is needed?

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    Default Re: 1960 Tollycraft 215 HP ford interseptor engine cooling system

    you should have cooling water supplied to the exhaust whenever the engine is running....how it gets there will be determined by the cooling system design used. There are two basic setups: raw water cooling and closed cooling (aka fresh water cooling). the latter has a heat exchanger which is typically filled with an antifreeze solution.

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