Hi everybody,

this is is my first Minnkota electric motor and I've made some mistakes already.

I got me a 55lb thrust Transom mounted Riptide. After some use, I changed the battery. But while the new battery was not yet connected, my buddy pull started the outboard motor and I guess that burnt out the Minnkota's board as the prop won't turn after the new battery was installed, even though the battery meter shows 4 batteries on the display.

I took it back to our local dealer and was made to pay S$400 for the repair. (That's more than half of what I paid for the motor new).

Took it back after repair, and I feel that the motor lacks the thrust it had before.

Also, I now noticed that the prop doesn't turn at all when its at 35 on Reverse or 10 on Forward.

I took it back to the dealer, and his reply was "everything's according to MinnKota's specs and there's nothing wrong with the motor". According to my dealer, even though the prop doesn't turn at 10 forward or 35 reverse, it's just free play in the throttle handle and considered normal.

So I'm turning to this forum for advise.
1) Does your motor also not turn at the lower throttle settings?
2) how do you test that your motor is generating sufficient thrust at full throttle settings?

thanks in advance for your replies.