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    Default 1991 4.3 mercruiser engine exhaust manifolds

    Thinking I drained all the water out of the system it appears not so, draine the block , and took off some hoses, did not drain the
    exhaust manifolds,thinking gravity would do the rest.
    After sitting for a year and thru winter , went to start up and was hard startingag poured some gas down the carb and went
    for a few seconds.
    Did this a few times till I noticed water under the manifolds going into bilge , took off the port side and discovered the crack,
    would this cause the stalling?
    Heard about welding but think its not worth it , just get replacements. Cracks are on engine side by serial #.

    see pics attached

    Searay 91

    Sorry have to figure outhow to post pics.

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    Default Re: 1991 4.3 mercruiser engine exhaust manifolds

    A busted exhaust manifold could contribute to your symptoms if the leak makes it to the spark plug wires (shorting them out)....otherwise no.

    I'd be inclined to check the oil (make sure its water free) before buying anything.....would be best to test the block to make sure it isn't cracked (but much more effort required there)...

    If there's any age to the manifolds (or significant corrosion), welding usually doesn't yield a long term solution...

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