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    Default Cummins v903 issues

    I added Lucas injector fuel treatment an entire gallon to my boat which holds 425 gallons of diesel. I also added biobor jf a shock treatment at the same time. My fuel gauges do not work now, they were fairly new donut float type that runs on a stainless steel rod. My tanks are galvanized. I also seem to have developed an air leak in my manifold. My question is, did i have a chemical reaction that ruined this by using both of these products. I have twin cummings v903 boat is from 1980 a trojan 44 motor yacht. Please help. We went on a 120 mile trip and the boat ran fantastic until the last leg and has gone downhill from there. Had no issues before adding these products. Engines completely shut down and left me adrift

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    Default Re: Cummins v903 issues

    are you sill getting fuel to the priming pump? How do your filters look? Both engines quit at the same time?
    Ive never run Lucas treatment but have run Biobor JF through 10's of thousands of gallons of F/O. Its possible the lucas is a harsh solvent and has disolved some stuff in your fuel system. Verify flow first and start from there.


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