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    Default find my year make model

    hello good people.....

    i need to try to get you guys to help me find this info on my motor. im sure this is a "here we go again" topic but i think this may be special case.
    the only number on this is not on the motor itself but on the part that mounts the motor to the boat. (transom bracket?)
    if im in the driver seat and turn around to look...just under the motor i can see a tiny little silver plate on the tilt bracket labeled....

    SN: 4603143 (maybe just the transom bracket #?)

    ive looked..cant find it.. i called mercury...they cant find it. i talked to some old pros...they cant find it.
    ill be happy to look ANYWHERE on this motor people suggest. but know this...its not on any freeze plug i can see.

    please bear with me here. worst case scenario ill even resort to posting pictures and letting anyone who will just take random shots at it from looks alone.
    nobody around me (shops) wants to work on a motor this old. so i amgoing to have to do it myself. i cant even buy parts.

    thanks guys....please hang in there with me. i need this.
    P.S. it does say 90 hp on the mid section seen if standing behind the boat.
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    Default Re: find my year make model

    Here at boats.net you will find your motor by trial and error.. http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Merc/parts.html
    There is another website dedicated to this issue, but I can not find it in the moment.
    Yours with 46... should be an American made engine and have no problem to be traced. Sometimes the Belgium made ones, mostly with 90... SNīs have problems to be found correctly
    Have fun

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