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    Default Volvo Penta Archimedes 39 (3.9Hp)

    Was going to start fishing and took out my old outboard boat engine Volvo Penta
    Archimedes 3.9Hp, also available from Monarch o Crescent.
    Press Link:

    But that's the way it has been in at least 15 years in the storeroom, had intended to do a service to it,
    Finds no service manual here on the internet so I wonder if there is someone knowledgeable on this engine and
    has served it, find some info but wonder about the following.

    If the shaft from the engine down to the propeller should have no oil, axle goes through the bronze-bearing so you think it should be oil there too so that the propeller gear.
    Have seen that it is one / two screws in the middle of the rig, they can be of the oil on the filling of the shafte?
    If anyone has a service manual overhead that would be interesting!

    Or this

    Word list:
    Skruv = Screw
    Olja = Oil
    Vatten = Water
    Avgaser = Exhaust gases
    Lager bussning = bearing Bush
    Axel = shaft
    Diameter = diameter
    Kugghjul = Gear
    Packbox = Packing(ring)
    Axellager = shaft bearing
    Skruvar är dom för olje på fyllning? = Screws are they for oil in the filling?

    All the information on this engine is interesting as switches, copy of service bok etc.

    Have a nice day!
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