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    Default Chris Craft 283 overheating problem

    Hi. I am new to this forum and hope to get some help on an overheating problem on my 27 foot Aluminm 1963 Chris Craft Roamer with twin 283 engines. The boat ran well when I took it out of the water last fall. I winterized it as usual and was satisfied that the motors had adequate antifreeze. This year when I started it up. The Port engine started fine and water came out the back in about 30 seconds as I am used to. The starboard took about 2 minutes and started pumping but it was erratic and half way to the marina stopped pumping. I have rebuilt the water pump, but still have the same problem.
    My question is Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance for your help. Tom

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    Default Re: Chris Craft 283 overheating problem

    What was the condition of the impeller when you removed it? If not intact, you need to find the pieces.
    Also... do you have strainers on the raw water inlets? IFSO, check for vacuum leaks. If hoses are old, ( or even if recently replaced!) check for a collapsed or kinked hose. Hoses on the inlet side of a raw water pump are supposed to be wire reinforced.
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