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    I have a Bayliner, 2001, with a 4.3 liter engine. Last season it spun a main bearing. WE pulled the engine, tore it down and stored it until this season. Ordered a short block from Mabbco motors in Texas. Have everything back together and ready to put back into the boat. We seem to have lost the Electronic Control Module (ECM). This is a carburetor engine. My question is will the ECM from a GM 4.3 liter truck engine work? I can pick one up at a local junk yard from a 1999 S-10 pick up for $75.00.

    I'm new to boat engines and my logic tells me this should be OK, but wanted to check with some experience marine engine guys.

    Thanks, Tom

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    I doubt it,marine engines run much cooler. ECM parameters might not be the same. Wait for other replies!!

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    2x for the 'doubt it' camp....the auto versions 'need' the O2 sensor outputs to keep "normal"....

    What you need is the appropriate MEFI (probably a -2) with the appropriate program (tune) loaded into its memory....

    Since its carb'ed, the only thing the ECU would control is the spark advance....if it has the Delco voyager ignition, you can just use the ignition timing curve built into the control module and not worry about the ECU....

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