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    Default 1969 Correctcraft mustang with very sluggish Ford 302

    Not being a mechanic, there may be a few stupid questions...Have Ford 302 in a 1969 correctcraft mustang...Experiencing no hole shot at all any more..There is no acceleration..It has been dificult to start, although usually does...Appears to be running rough but will idle...recently replaced plugs, wires, dist cap, rotor, points. coil and external resister..Haven't touched the fuel pump or the carb for the 11 years I have owned it..I have had two people who I trust mechanically tell me to pull the carb off and either rebuild or replace..(Holley 4 brl)...and really don't have a clew when it comes to proper timing adjustments, carb adjustments, etc..I can gradually get this boat up to 40mph but and it barely pulled my daughter out of the water on a wakeboard at 100lbs..Just was looking for ideas about where to starting looking for the cause of the problem..Will appreciate any feedback!

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    Default Re: 1969 Correctcraft mustang with very sluggish Ford 302

    Start with a compression test,might find video on utube.then check for spark on all cylinders,then troubleshoot fuel system.the engine is 47 years old!! Start there and post results. We will get back to you.

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