Replaced boat side fuel feed line's and balls, checked coils last year think their fine, may do another injector/coil test today. Could be a number of issues by the looks of it, high pressure pump, boost pump in VST, Did have a little water issue in the tank but we think that issue is fixed, they have 1400 hrs on them and ran strong last year, i always run seafoam in tank. Heard it also could be air injectors,pressure regulators,air compressor, tracker valve. Havent opened VST but im hoping theirs just a blockage of debris in their, engines idle fine, wont WOT, bog down almost like its starving for gas which it is. Twin Motor setup 25' Donzi CC, Engines are 2008 Optimax DFI 225's. Any Help would be much appreciated, trying to eliminate some answers. Thanks