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    Default Indmar 1998 Malibu Sunsetter bogging down / quitting issue

    Hi All,
    I have a 98 Malibu with 700 hours on it with V8 Indmar Fuel Injected 350.

    I think i take pretty good care of this engine it has done me well.

    QUESTION: on the lake this week, it all of a sudden started "bogging" down and "quitting" for a second or two. It started out VERY random, and now has gotten progressively more consistent. As if it had no fuel... but the exhaust at these moments does smell very rich of fuel. Again: motor bogs/quits for a second then returns to normal. starts and idles great.... this only seems to happen at higher rpm (2k-3k)

    I just replace FUEL FILTER.

    I just replaced KILL SWITCH.

    I disconnected and checked and cleaned up the "canon" plug (plug where engine and boat connect electrically)... (it looked fine.BTW)

    ANY thoughts or suggestions of what to check/replace??? THX!!

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    Default Re: Indmar 1998 Malibu Sunsetter bogging down / quitting issue

    Having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

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    Default Re: Indmar 1998 Malibu Sunsetter bogging down / quitting issue

    Hi Mcadden

    - i did alot since i posted this.

    i ended up figuring out that my FUEL PUMP was being turned OFF by the ECM

    after 2 mechanics and $2500– i still had no luck

    ended up buying a MEFI scanner $200 and noticed that the VOLTAGE was spiking...that was then turning off the fuel pump...

    bottom line is i replaced the alternator... found a new one on ebay... and PERFECT... no problems since

    see my OTHER forum post that explains my story alittle more..

    btw- if your in WI and your MEFI is same model as mine you can borrow my $200 scanner...


    keep me posted.... happy to help out!

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