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    Default Propeller shaft jammed, connecting bolts broken. Now what?

    I must have run over something because my propeller shaft is totally jammed. The transmission appears OK because the 4 connecting bolts broke. My question is: Are these special bolts that are supposed to shear in order to save the transmission?

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    Default Re: Propeller shaft jammed, connecting bolts broken. Now what?

    Hi wenders, these are not special and either grade 5 or grade 8. Grade 5 being soft 8 hardened. I would definitely pull the trans off the flywheel housing and check the drive plate for broken springs. This normally takes the shock off the drivetrain. Replace the drive plate bolts with grade 8 only. Also check your engine supports for cracks in the castings.
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: Propeller shaft jammed, connecting bolts broken. Now what?

    You may find that your propeller shaft has bent. remove the boat from the water. unscrew the prop shaft gland packer mechanism from inside the boat, see if the shaft moves, if not. Check the "P" bracket (if fitted) for any damage, twists or scrapes. If no "P" bracket is fitted try moving the prop in and out, it should move as it has already broken free from your drive. if it doesn't move at all then it is probably bent in the stern tube and will have to be extracted by force. If you have a cup-less bearing fitted at the prop end then unbolt it and try and remove the shaft. Stern tubes are normally larger diameter than the shaft as they allow water to enter for cooling the shaft.
    Hope this helps,
    regards Eric

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