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    Default Looking for Advice : Hose in PCM engine leaking

    Have a 5.7 liter PCM engine on my MB sport. When I start up the engine and take a look at it one of the intake hoses appears to be leaking some water. Trying to figure out if I have a water pump issue or just need to replace a leaky hose. Boat has been sitting in storage for a while so this isn't all that unexpected. Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Default Re: Looking for Advice : Hose in PCM engine leaking

    "intake hose" is a bit ambiguous....

    If you are talking about a raw water inlet hose - feeding the cooling pump - its really strange that it is 'leaking' as the pump make a decent vacuum; ie it should be sucking air and then overheating.

    Since a leak is pretty obvious, I'd bet you have missed the source of the leak so a closer inspection is in order....a bit of a pain but it is usually done best in the evening. Most engine rooms are dark and even a LED flashlight can't compete with the sun....follow the 'leak' up, vertically...quite possible the pump is leaking and just flowing onto that hose...

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