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    Default 2004 Vortex 6000

    Hi all,
    new to this site. Hopefully you all can help. My engine will not start after a few starts and stops running at medium to higher speeds. After I lift the engine cover the engine cools and after 2 minutes it will start. I think temperature is the key here. I notice that the engine cooling system is really really hot to the touch. I notice coolant in the bilge coming from the overflow tank at times. No leaks though when I refilled the coolant.

    Three things come to mind.

    1: clogged tubes in the heat exchanger
    2: clogged freshwater cooling intakes or tubes
    3: bad thermostat

    what do you guys think? Thanks.

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    Default Re: 2004 Vortex 6000

    Ayuh,..... Start by changin' the raw water impeller,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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