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    Default " Hello, I had the audible

    " Hello,

    I had the audible alarm for no oil, or low oil go off. I shut down the outboard motor, refilled the seperate oil reservior the next day. This outboard doesn't have oil in the gas, it's seperate. I tried to use the motor the next time out and the alarm was still going off. I ran the motor for a short time and distance thinking it would pick it up and stop, it didn't work. The bubble on the hose was hard and I squeezed it and it wouldn't stop.

    Is there a reset button? Any suggestions?

    Please Help the noise will drive you crazy. Ha Ha

    Thanks Rusty "

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    Default "Rusty.... I assume you're

    "Rusty.... I assume you're speaking of the alarm whereas the warning horn is beeping every other second.

    If you had run the oil tank out of oil, that would be understandable, but by the same token, if that took place (no oil) the low oil level warning should have engaged long before that every other second beeping.

    If on the other hand, you still had oil in the tank, and had the every other second beep warning, and squeezing the oil primer bulb made no difference.... that would sound to me like the VRO is malfunctioning and should be replaced.

    Do this.... with the every other second beeping taking place, disconnect the wiring plug that leads to the VRO temporarily. If that quiets the warning horn, I'd suspect the VRO pump.

    With those electronic warning horns, it's also possible that the horn is faulty. If this is the case, the horn usually beeps much faster than every other second (extremely fast but not a constant steady beep). Let us know what you find.

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