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    Default Christ Craft engine dating

    Hi All,

    I know someone out there has to have an answer to this... I recently came into a handful of old Chris Craft engines (long story), and I'm trying to find a reference guide to cross the serial numbers to their year.

    I have 2 Ks and 3 MLs, and serial numbers for all but 1 of the MLs.. I'll try to get some pics up so you can see them

    Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves for digging up some more info on these?


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    Default Re: Christ Craft engine dating

    Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA has the Chris-Craft archives. They might be able to provide info on your engines.


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    Default Re: Christ Craft engine dating

    I've looked there, however, from what I've found on their site they only do full boats. I have a full boat, but know a lot about that... we found the engines when we went to my uncles barn to get the boat out before the property gets sold. And they want $65 for non-members for an info package.

    The engines look to be in pretty decent and salvageable condition... they're all complete and can be turned over by hand anyways. We're trying to get some information on them so we can decide what to do with them. I know my uncle would want them to find good homes with other Chris Craft lovers, and hopfully even find their way back on the water

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