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    Default 1985 50hp VRO lots of questions....

    hi guys, new member and new owner here with a lot of questions. I have an 85 conroy 16ft boat with the 50hp vro on it. the oil system has been removed and I just pre mix. I tend to make my 2 strokes rich on oil. is that gunna hurt this motor? I also wanted to know how to set the carb linkage up as when I open the throttle and the timing plate advances to max position the carb linkage is only pushed open a little bit by the cam that opens it. is this how its supposed to be? im having trouble fini info on this engine and im not sure if the timing is correct either. any insight would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 1985 50hp VRO lots of questions....

    Have you had it on the water yet? If the boat is new to you replace the gear lube and waterpump. Run your motor 50-1 no need to be richer. Timing should never need to be touched on an outboard as it's mechanically set so that should be the last thing looked at. Get a manual and do a link and sync on the carbs.

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