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    Default 1965 30' Cavalier Timing

    Hello, I have a question about the location of the timing marks on my Chrysler 190hp 318's. I've got the service manuals, but they are vague on where the timing marks are located. After reading several threads, I'm now convinced the timing marks are on the flywheel (I haven't looked yet). When I return to the boat, I'll have one of those "Doh!" moments if they're right in front of my face... Any advice would be appreciated.

    I bought the boat for a song and a dance, but there's a lot of ghosts in the machine that I'm trying to work out. I guess the previous owner was never motivated enough to work through them. I've got twin 318's and the starboard engine won't rev over about 2500 rpm under a load. The old points have been replaced by electronics, so that eliminates one of the things to check on my list.... Or does it?

    My first thoughts are:
    1. Check timing and advance (still scratching my head as to where the timing marks are, I would LOVE a picture)
    2. Check fuel pressure (Not sure what it should be, but I know there's a problem if one engine is way higher than the other)
    3. reconnect resistors (they are currently disconnected and I don't know why)


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    Default Re: 1965 30' Cavalier Timing

    Ayuh,.... Donno where the timin' marks are, but shouldn't be too hard to find,.....

    Fuel pressure should be 4 to 6 psi for carbed motors,...

    The resistors are disconnected, because the points are gone,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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