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    Default Perkins Sabre M135 - White smoke and Enginge shut off

    Have a problem with our Perkins Sabre M135.

    At the beginning of March:
    - The engine was run at 1400 RPM
    - White smoke coming from the exhaust,
    - RPM went alone HIGHER,
    - engine did not want to shut off, even with Manual Shut off.
    - turned off alone,
    - Engine don't start
    - boat had to be towed

    Mechanics found no cause.

    ************************************************** *******
    Yesterday April 13

    - White smoke from exhaust,
    - assumed engine itself,
    - Engine don't start again,
    - left and right side from engine oil slightly
    - boat had to be towed

    Mechanic doing the following:

    - Opened injectors (all 6) no diesel coming)
    - fuelfilter check (Diesel ok)
    - try to start (no start)
    - check Intake, (open venting screw,Oel came from the intake)
    - Start test (Engine Starts)

    (He says injetors ok, Head gasket ok)

    But what may be the real cause? Does anyone have any help?

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Perkins Sabre M135 - White smoke and Enginge shut off

    Check your stop solenoid. If your injector pump has a stop lever, make sure it's able to move to the run position. Check any stop circuits or linkage.
    When injector pump has fuel (bleed to check) and no fuel at the injector tubes, indicates stop condition at pump. Stop solenoid (or lever) energized in run position moves fuel cam. White smoke could mean lean burn, stop not working properly.

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