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    Default 140 hp Interceptor 1962 ID


    I have an Interceptor V8 marine engine that I am looking for more info on before selling it. I got it with a boat boat I bought as an extra engine.

    What's an engine like this worth?

    Here's what I know from the previous owner:
    - it is from 1962
    - It was completely reconditioned 6 years ago.
    - It's a 140hp engine.
    - It's an engine that was fitted in the Riva Junior and/or Florida
    - exhaust manifold not included



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    Default Re: 140 hp Interceptor 1962 ID

    Hello Wouterjpot.
    The block stamp ECZ-B is associated with a 292 or 312 Cu in block, horsepower is either about 185 or 215 if a typical Interceptor Marine product.
    Value can be all over the place depending on verifiable condition of motor and how much someone wants it. Also, depends on distance from seller to buyer.
    Where is the motor?

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