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    Default 1982 Yamaha 55hp C55ELRQ no Reverse with exceptions.

    I have a 1982 Yahama engine model number C55ELRQ, Ser. no. 663L325708. The last time I used it it would go into reverse but I have never been able to apply much acceleration without it grinding. If I just put it in reverse and let it idle back it will do fine. Now I cannot get it to go into reverse on the water at all. It just wants to grind or make noise. However when it is out of the water and I'm flushing it out, I can put it in reverse and it works just fine, no grinding or noise it just snaps right in. Is this an adjustment problem if so can I do it under the cowl or do I have to go into the foot. I can sure use some help with this. It's bad being on the water without a reverse gear, especially when docking your boat. Thank you and have a great day.

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    Default Re: 1982 Yamaha 55hp C55ELRQ no Reverse with exceptions.

    Related maybe? 1985 25hp Mariner/Merc was working fine when a shift to reverse instead engaged forward gear. Now Remote Controlled Neutral, Throttle Disengage, Forward Gear work great but going from Neutral to Reverse engages the Forward Gear??? VERY DANGEROUS WAY TO APPROACH A DOCK EXPECTING REVERSE TO ENGAGE! Luckily a novice driver was testing her ability to stop right at a submerged sapling when this was discovered. No injuries or damage. Did you learn anything?

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    Default Re: 1982 Yamaha 55hp C55ELRQ no Reverse with exceptions.

    Ayuh,..... Sounds like a controller problem,.....

    Are the cables movin' as they should be, or are they workin' as you explain, at the motor, under the cover,..??
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    Default Re: 1982 Yamaha 55hp C55ELRQ no Reverse with exceptions.

    FYI: My 25 hp Mariner experiencing lost Reverse gear, was due to a likely frozen lower unit, (cracked cover nut revealed). Somehow the Cross Pin (clutch dog) was fractured as well, explaining the Neutral and Forward Only experience. Mechanic thought seals to lower unit got old/stiff and let water in. BE SURE TO DRAIN AND REPLACE LOWER UNIT LUBE EVERY AUTUMN. I did see water in first flow when i drained. Now searching for Cross Pin and Prop Shaft seals for the Bearing Carrier. Oddly, the Carrier is available but not the seals from Mariner/Mercury. Ideas, anyone?

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