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    Default 6.354 sunken engine. Turning over but not starting

    Hi all. Long story cut short.....I sunk my boat, drained and serviced everything, reconditioned injectors, new alternator, new starter, new wiring etc. I have got the engine turning over with little puffs of white smoke.... Bled the thing over and over and over with no luck. Any ideas? Could it be turning over backwards? It keeps getting air in the lines.

    Also what is the rectangle box on the front near what I believe is the transmission? It was full of salt water. Now it's rusted inside. It looks like a final drive? I can attach pics tomorrow if it will help. I need to know if it's worth saving or should I unbolt it and look for another one.

    Please help. Dave

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    Default Re: 6.354 sunken engine. Turning over but not starting

    You need 3 things to start a diesel... Fuel, compression and enough heat from the compression to ignite the fuel. In a cold climate you may need to preheat the air (glow plugs) or engine with a block heater. Careful with ether. It causes higher than normal compression and can break rings. If you have air in the fuel it won't start until you solve that problem. If you're doing a proper bleed, the most likely cause is the lift pump sucking air somewhere in the fuel line or primary filter. Usually the secondary filter is after the lift pump. It can leak, too. If you don't have a manual, you should be able to find one online. Bleed it by the book. In proper order starting at the fuel tank and ending at the injectors. No idea on the trans. Perkins I use run generators.
    I have salvaged several diesels from underwater. Usually the fuel system is ok. It's a sealed system except for the tank vent. An electric fuel pump in line with the lift pump makes it easier. Also a pressure gauge after the lift pump to see pressure and if it bleeds back. If it bleeds back, could be sucking air from injector overflow, etc.
    Lift pumps valves work like check valves. If they are damaged or have dirt in the fuel will allow fuel to bleed back to the tank. I don't, but know people that put in a separate check valve in Perkins to solve fuel bleeding back to the tank. My Perkins maintains fuel pressure for hours or days after run.
    If you put a LH starter on a RH engine you could turn it backward, but the puffs could be air in the fuel, too cold engine, low compression.

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    Default Re: 6.354 sunken engine. Turning over but not starting

    If you got salt water in the engine it needs to be completely torn down to remove all the salt do not start it. The quicker the better same with the gearbox There is no other way to get the salt out if you start it serious damage will most likely occur.

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