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    hello I have a seized 350 it was said its seized from sitting to long I've tried marvel oil, PB Buster, and a 1/2" braker bar with do luck. I was told buy an old timmer to try pepsi-cola. does anyone have a idea that may work, I really don't want to snap the damper bolt off. there was no water on the dip stick so I am guessing its frozen rings. but that is just a guess at this time.
    Thanks Bob

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    Thanks Bob

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    If it's frozen its done.
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    DO NOT use the front crankshaft balancer bolt for this!

    Try a strap wrench.
    Try making a tool that will fit into the three spokes of the balancer.
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    myself.....i would pull both heads off and start there. replacing gaskets are cheap . even if you do free the engine, i would want to look at the cylinder walls.
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    My next step is to pull the heads, but I am looking to also make a jig to fit the bolt pattern on the damper and turn the crank shaft that way

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    I know this is an old thread, and I hope you have had success with the motor by now. Part of the problem with the heads still on, might be the fact the valve stems are rusted too. In addition, the lifters may be stuck, all keeping the motor from spinning. Removing heads and intake will expose all of this for direct application of penetrating fluids. :-)

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