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    Question '68 289, 190hp oil pan and broken dipstick tube

    Hi Folks,
    The dipstick tube on my 289 Interceptor has broken off where it goes through the oil pan. The tube came out of the left side of the oil pan facing forward, or right side facing the engine. Engine was running with what looks like a home-made replacement stuck on with silicone at the entry point and a small bracket (now broken) further up the tube.

    Can I replace this with an auto engine tube and dipstick? Any advice would be helpful.
    Thanks. db

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    Default Re: '68 289, 190hp oil pan and broken dipstick tube

    Ayuh,.... Marine dipstick tubes go to the bottom of the base, so you can suck the oil out for oil changes,....

    Automotive dipsticks don't,....

    Probably oughta fix or replace what's there,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: '68 289, 190hp oil pan and broken dipstick tube

    Thank you! I have been leaning toward fixing what's there, or replacing complete pan assembly, but having trouble identifying the correct pan. I need to get her out of storage and "get under the tarp" and locate the engine numbers. The assemblies that I have seen in pictures don't match what I "think" I have.

    There is one on Craigs list, but it doesn't look my pan at all. But I need to get in there and get a better look.

    Doing the repair in place is also a problem because the area I have to work in is directly behind the motor mount. I was hoping to not lift the engine, but....
    Thanks again.

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