Ok, so I bought a 30' hunter with a YSE12. First time i got her started I took her out and she ran well. Until...... Oil started to come out of the hole on the top of the front cover where the idler shaft comes up. Could not get it to restart after that. I am rebuilding it now and have it back together. When I add oil to the rear fill, I had oil coming out between the shaft and housing. I need to replace the oil seal but I cannot get the shaft nut off. Anyone have a suggestion??. After removing the bell housing and cleaning, I bent the retaining washer edges down and I have tried using a 1/4" extension trough the 4 bolt holes and a big crescent wrench with some hefty love taps. I have tried wedging the crescent wrench inside the bell housing and using a large wrench on the shaft connector to see if it would break it loose. No LUCK Any thoughts??