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    Default Checking Trim & Tilt oil 2005 Verdo

    How do you check trim and tilt oil on 2005 Verdos 250 HP?

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    Default Re: Checking Trim & Tilt oil 2005 Verdo

    Checking Power Trim Fluid

    1. Tilt outboard to the full up position.
    2. Rotate the tilt support bracket down.
    3. Lower outboard until tilt support bracket rests on pedestal.
    4. Remove the power trim fill cap. The fill cap only requires 1/4 turn to remove. You will see the cap on top of the rim assembly.

    5. The fluid level should be approximately 25 mm (1 in.) from the top of the fill neck. Add Quicksilver or Mercury Precision Lubricants Power Trim and Steering Fluid. If not available, use automotive automatic transmission fluid (ATF).
    6. Install the power trim fill cap. Tighten fill cap 1/4 turn. Cap will snap in place. Do not tighten beyond this point

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