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    Default Diesel fuel problem

    Help, can anyone tell me why I have engine oil getting into the fuel?? I thought I had a dirty diesel tank but have now installed a new stainless steel tank, and after cleaning all lines and new fuel filter a few hours later and my fuel is black again, I know it is engine oil ,how can Ifix please?

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    The usual fuel/oil contamination is caused by the front seal in the injector pump failing. But I've only seen fuel getting into the oil, not oil into the fuel. The pressures inside the pump is usually greater than the pressures in the crankcase/gear housings. You don't say what engine, I assume a Perkins. I can't think of any other place where engine oil and fuel are close together. Are you losing oil?

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    Thanks for that information on my diesel fuel problem and yes it is a perkins 4107,I will get a seal kit for it,and hopefully my problem will be solved thanks again

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