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    Default basic question Zephyr Saildrive issue

    As a newcomer to marine engines, I think this is probably a basic question for many of you. I have a Zephyr OMC Saildrive gas engine. When starting, I have 2 symptoms: 1. It is very hard to start. It cranks, but takes quite a few tries to catch. 2. When I do get it to start, the engine RPM is very high, in the 3-4,000 RPM range. Usually, it will eventually go to normal idle and I can get on my way. But even then, I've had I shut off on me and it's very difficult to restart. Does this sound like a vacuum leak?

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    Step # 1 is to check for spark.----------Spark must jump a gap of 3/8" on both leads.--------Then you do a compression test.--------How old is the fuel and has the boat sat for a long time ?

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