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    Default 1948 5.4 Evinrude Zephy, used maybe 5 times, has Canadian No. and others I will provide also below

    Must sell or trade due to health amputation of leg needed.

    1980, ONE OWNER FAMILY, certified pullboat for 5 people. Like new. Custom trailer when boat bought in 1980. PLEASURE CRAFT MARINE engine is 351 c.i., 255 h.p. without any mechanical problems at all or electrical. There is under bow an old cassette deck I left in for memories of that family who taught their kids and 2 of them went to Nationnals and hoped to go to what's called the Olympics of Skiing. Serious buyers or traders please. I live in Athens, Ohio at 3697 Hebbardsville Road, #2, 45701 and now is the best time to buy or trade something of value for them. FIBREGLASS CERTIFIED PULLBOAT molded in Louisville, Tennessee and yes that is right. Engine is excellent Pleasure Craft Marine 351 c.i./ 255 h.p. with all running gear in order, including strong trailer for this particular boat bought at same time. Owner had farm with big enough lake where the boat could be used while kids were young and I tried to get a Ski Program at the University but too much paperwork they said which meant they didn't want expense or storage; but I would do it and have approval if any schools involved that are close enough. North or South it doesn't matter as the price and condition is less than small fishing boats.

    Boat is stored 3 miles from my home and same with the "ZEPHYR" that is a collector those who know the engine.

    Will work with anyone in good faith as I'm in a spot due to many accidents over 60 years.

    Kevin M. Callihan, MM, Lodge 607
    3697 Hebbardsville, Ohio 45701
    2 email address, [email protected], [email protected]. The Ohio University can also give you infomation. Thanks a lot if you can help someone in distress !

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    Default Re: 1948 5.4 Evinrude Zephy, used maybe 5 times, has Canadian No. and others I will provide also bel

    Ayuh,.... Sorry to hear 'bout yer health issues,.....

    So,.... How much ya askin',..??

    A few things to keep in mind,....
    It's over 35 years old,...
    It's got Ford power, a 5.8l, not a 5.4l,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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