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    Default westerbeke w13a I am not able to get started

    I got an older sailboat for a great price, but we all know what that means! I am working on the diesel engine and I am unable to get it to start. It is an older 2 cylinder Westerbeke Model W13 or w13a (I am not sure of what is the difference) at least that is what the manual states. Itís possibly after 1986 engine model (again I am not completely sure). The engine hour run time meter shows 550 hours. The hour meter has a four digit limit so it is really only 550 hours or it is 15,050 hours (my guess that it is not). I had it working a while back (for about 15 hours) then the exhaust broke at the joint on the box that mixes the exhaust and water and the engine stalled. The exhaust is made out of 1.5 inch galvanize. I replaced all the pipes, but it never started after that. Since it was December and getting cold, I moved on to other projects and issues in the boat. Now I am back to this project. The first time I got it to run, it did blow out a lot of soot, then light gray smoke and finally it ran smoke free, Day 1: 2 hours, day2 : 2 hours. Day 3: 5 hours, Day 4 : 3 hours. Day 5 : Skipped Day 6 : 2 hours and the 7th day is the day it broke down with less than an hour of running. The engine also has a return to the fuel tank to work out air that may get in the line, this also includes the injectors. I still went through a bleeding process.

    It turns over fine and I had the fuel pump rebuilt and had the injectors cleaned before I ran the engine the last time. Number two is a little sooty. They seem to be getting fuel and turning it over without the glow plugs and you can see what seems to be fuel / air mix coming out the holes. I also thought that I saw light puffs on the engines on the left side where the air intake is, but I am not sure as its dark on that side. The compression, when dry came in at 220 psi and when wet, it was 280 - 290 psi. I believe the manual calls for 350 psi at 3000 rpms but this is not running test. The test of the glow plugs both reveal an ohm test of 1.2 oms (out of the engine). I connected them to power and the first test took 25 seconds to glow and the second test (in video) took about 20 seconds to glow and retested the ohm test and it was the same (how long should warm time be).

    Outside of a leak back test (I do not own the tester) I am not sure what to try. Any advice would be appreciated. Referencehttps://youtu.be/XqiEfal4PZ8https://www.westerbeke.com/operator'...tor_manual.pdf Thanks in advance for all help!

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    Default Re: westerbeke w13a I am not able to get started

    Make sure you don't have a fuel problem. Clogged filter, open fuel line sucking air, etc.
    You have enough compression to start. It's winter and maybe too cold to start easily. If you don't have a block heater, try removing coolant, heating it and pour back in the engine. Try leaving a heat lamp on the engine.
    Also have a fully charged battery so the starter can spin the engine fast. Glow plugs should be on 10 seconds +. In cold weather, use the glow plugs on each start attempt. Don't start changing parts unless you have a mechanic look at it.
    When a running diesel just stops, it's usually a fuel problem.

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