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Thread: KFL valve issue

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    Default KFL valve issue

    I have a 1956 Sportsman with KFL 131 hp engine that
    did roll over several times(has been sitting for ? long time)
    The next day I planned on doing a compression test
    The starter would not roll the engine, I pulled the starter and it did roll
    I attempted to turn the engine with the flywheel and it would roll about 1/2
    turn in either direction and stop solid
    I pulled the head and found several valves stuck open or closed
    all the piston seemed to work properly and the cylinder walls looked good
    There is no water in the oil
    Need advice on how to determine the cause and what possible solutions are
    By the way!! I am not a mechanic
    Thanks to any and all response

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    Default Re: KFL valve issue

    Welcome to ME.com!!

    Bummer on the stuck valves....as far as cause, hard to say.....if it wasn't stored correctly, it could just be corrosion.....any idea last time it ran? Any water in the cylinders? around the spark plugs? Any signs of rust occurring in the cylinder bores?

    as far as getting it running, if the bottom end spins over freely, it could be a simple as taking the head to the machine shop and getting them to clean it up. worst case would be to overhaul the whole thing...

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