I have been reading through the online manual (the Gale manual Ya'll suggested) and I'm a little stumped on the lubricants (gas mix and lower unit) and the way to add them (lower unit). The guide goes into detail about oils and manufacturers but this is all based on the times which was in the 50's. What oil would be best to mix with gasoline (also what grade gas is best? Reg? Premium?) for my 3 hp?? Should I use a SAE 30 as the tag on the motor says, OR would a good 2 cycle oil mixed to the same ratio (16:1) work as well or better??

Also, the guide doesn't explain (from what I've read) how to put the grease in the lower unit. On other outboards I have owned, There are 2 screws. You remove both, drain old, then add new through the bottom hole until it appears at the top. Put the top screw back in create the vacuum and replace bottom screw.

This motor (3 hp) only has one screw. The guide lists it and says to use a good outboard GREASE. What type of grease would you recommend? How do I add the grease? The guide doesn't explain how to add or how much. Do I just run it in the hole with the motor laid on its side?? Does it actually mean GREASE?? Such as the type I would pump in with a grease gun? That doesn't seem logical to me because it would be virtually impossible to change with out a tear down. Last, How much grease should I put in? Should I fill it full or is there a certain level?? I really want to take good care of this motor it has a lot of sentimental value to me. Thank you and God Bless for any help and info. Dave