Hi, I recently installed a second hand lister lpws 4 in my boat! The engine had lay up for few years as it was taken out of the previous boat in order to put in a higher hp engine!
The lister has only 472 hours on it and I know these are genuine hours as I know the boat it came out of!
Before I installed the engine I had to replace two of the fuel pumps! As they where seized from laying up! I changed the oil ( 10w40) and filter, also new aft crankshaft oil seal and shim! The engine had only a basic starter panel on it so it was upgraded to a higher spec panel with oil pressure, water temp, voltage and tachometer! Plus new oil sender and water temperature sensor! When engine was installed we went for a sea trail, everything went fine, oil pressure was at 1.5 bar @ 2000rpm, the water temp was also fine! Once rpm was reduced to idle the oil pressure alarm went off, we stopped and checked oil level an it was ok!
The oil pressure for lpws4 at idle is 1 bar and at 3000rpm is 2 bar! However my engine at idle is 0.8 bar! Does anyone know what should be the correct oil pressure alarm set point? The sender I hav is 0.8 alarm! I'm just worried that my oil pump is weak r relief valve is stuck open!