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    Default smoke at higher RPM

    Both of my Lehman 135s are showing some smoke as the rpm increases. At 2000 rpm it is quite pronounced. The color is white/blue, actually more white than blue. At idle it is not detectable. The engines have 3800 hrs and use almost no oil.
    I am just wondering if I should be concerned about this.

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    Default Re: smoke at higher RPM

    hi wenders, white smoke is due to hot spots in the exhaust creating steam or weak impellers in the sea water pumps. these engines have a cast iron watercooled exhaust elbow which after time rust builds up in the water passages and restricts water flow. some white smoke will always be there.
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: smoke at higher RPM

    I suspected that the "white smoke" was actually steam, but both Jabsco pumps had been rebuilt and the risers in back of the engines look they had been replaced by previous owner. I am wondering about the blue tint though. Could the injectors be the culprit? I am a bit at a loss here.

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    Default Re: smoke at higher RPM

    Quote Originally Posted by kimcrwbr1 View Post
    Have you cleaned the raw water pickup screen and all the fittings? A restriction up stream will effect everything downstream of the raw water pumps. Do both engines share the same raw water intake?
    Thanks for the tip. The engines have separate raw water intakes. I cleaned the filters. There were no obstructions, however there was a lot of slime, which could impede flow. Will be doing a test run next and report back.

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    Default Re: smoke at higher RPM

    Here is the link: http://trawler-beach-house.********.com/2009/09/servicing-cooling-system-on-our-ford.html
    Very informative. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have not been able to test the engines on account of foul weather.
    I am ,however, still puzzled because the engines were not running hot. 175 deg and 185 respectively. Hmmm.

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    Default Re: smoke at higher RPM

    Thanks, kimcrwr1, I ordered the heat gun. This should help to determine whether I am looking at steam or smoke.

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