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    Default 3208 - Loss Of Power and Overheat -white smoke (steam) HELP!!

    i have a pair of 3208 375 HP in a 36 tiara.... Both engines were running very good. both went to 2800rpm both felt about the same in power. On One outing i noticed some oily sheen on the water, coming out of the exhaust. We assumed it was fuel and went to change the injectors. when changing the injectors we cranked the engine and heard compression coming through the intake. SO we took the one head off and sent it to a shop. two intake valves were not seating correctly. So we had the valves reworked. WE re assembled the motor and replaced all 8 injectors. Since this repair, the engine has had new symptoms.

    1. Motor starts great...powers ok to about 1800rpm as throtlle is increased the power difference between engines increase with RPM. you can tell this by the throttle location. At wot throttle this engine is getting only about 2500 rpm. before the repair it was getting 2800 the same as the stb motor. Also idle changed from 600 to 475-500....

    2. at rpms over about 2000...engine starts to overheat. temp before repair was consistently about 175....now 190-200 also white smoke is coming out especially at higher rpms....say 2300-2400 ...although i think it is steam not fuel. but at this point 2400 is almost WOT on port motor.. temp lowers when rpm is reduced...

    Nothing was changed no work or anything done to pump..... anyone have any idea what might be wrong.... PS no water loss in fresh water side..... raw water flowing good. pump checked...


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    Default Re: 3208 - Loss Of Power and Overheat -white smoke (steam) HELP!!

    If there is no chance that you have altered the injector pump timing the low idle might suggest that you have a bad injector. That could also cause low power and white smoke from over fueling. I would try cracking each injector line nut at idle to check if one cylinder doesn't change the idle as much as the others. Whilst the injectors were checked, you may have got a piece of something into the line or injector during reassembly.

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