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    Our boat has two diesel CATS. It will be placed in dry storage for 6 months after winterization process. Other than putting it in the water once a month to let it run, has there been anything invented that allows one to start the engines while in dry storage? I know a great deal of water has to circulate through the engines, but can it be done? Could the whole sea water cooling system be flushed out with fresh water before and during storage--like I do our outboard--to eliminate the corrosion all salt water boats have. Sounds crazy, but just wondering. It is a major process to have the boat hauled in and out of the water. It would be awesome if there were some method to start the engines while in dry dock.

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    It does not need to be ran once a month if it is going to sit for just 6 months. Make sure you change oil before storing, never let an engine sit with dirty engine oil.

    What model CAT's ?
    Do you know if it is heat exchanger cooled or keel cooled ?

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